Ixelles - Belgium
Project Harmonia's Presentation Video - French
Project Harmonia's Presentation Video - Dutch
Located in the south of Brussels, the Municipality of Ixelles is a municipality of more than 87,000 inhabitants spread over 6.3 km².

Ixelles is a multicultural municipality characterised by a rich human diversity, neighborhoods with their own atmosphere and varied economic, cultural, sporting and social activities.

The leaders of Ixelles Municipality have placed the ecological issue high on their agenda : whether through the creation of an ambitious climate plan or the improvement of air quality, the issue of climate change is present in many projects.

With this in mind, the Municipality has decided to become a partner in the HARMONIA project: with the aim to build a tool that will enable any user to assess its resilience to climate change and thus to anticipate and better prioritise the actions that will be implemented.

As a dense municipality, Ixelles is indeed concerned by many climate change effects, notably temperature rises / urban heat islands, loss of ecosystems and degrading biodiversity and air pollution.

Ixelles hopes to obtain a reliable and comprehensive decision-making and communication tool to inform on the impact of climate change on the Municipality.
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