The YADES’ network aims to use proper modelling tools and methods, innovative technologies (terrestrial and satellite imaging for wide-area inspection, advanced machine learning techniques, etc.) to deliver an integrated platform for resilience assessment of Cultural Heritage areas, YADES will take into account the local ecosystems in the areas of interest, mapping out their interactions and following a truly sustainable reconstruction approach at technical, social, institutional, environmental and economic levels.

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The purpose of the PANOPTIS project is to improve the resiliency (ability to adapt) of the road infrastructures and ensuring reliable network availability under unfavourable conditions, such as extreme weather, landslides, and earthquakes. The project’s main goal is to combine down-scale climate change scenarios (applied to road infrastructure) with structural and geotechnical simulation tools, and with actual data from sensors (terrestrial and airborne) so as to provide the operators with an integrated tool able to support more effective management of their infrastructures at planning, maintenance and operation level.
The PANOPTIS integrated platform (and its sub-modules) will be implemented in two motorway sections in the Greek and Spanish primary road network.

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EIFFEL will offer the EO-based community the ground-breaking capacity of exploiting existing GEOSS and external datasets and build upon prior knowledge, with minimal new data collection activities. Added-value services interoperable with GEOSS will be designed, using cognitive search and metadata augmentation tools based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), including Natural Language Processing. These tools will leverage advanced cognitive features to extract meaningful information from and enrich GEOSS metadata. EIFFEL will foster the co-design of Climate Change adaptation policies and mitigation strategies and monitor Climate Change effects in the respective regions.
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CURE synergistically exploits the Copernicus Core Services and develops an umbrella cross-cutting application for urban resilience in DIAS (Data and Information Access Services), consisting of individual cross-cutting applications for climate change adaptation/mitigation, energy and economy, as well as healthy cities and social environments, at several European cities.
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In STARDUST, intelligent solutions for energy, mobility and ICT will be integrated in cities together with innovative business models, which will serve as blueprints for replication across Europe and abroad. These synergy of actions will transform cities into living labs, platforms where citizens and community engagement will become the driving elements to improve not only their way of life but also their local economies.
The project is fully aligned with the Clean Energy for All Europeans strategy and involves three lighthouse cities and four follower cities.
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ProGIreg uses nature for urban regeneration with and for citizens. In our front-runner cities, eight different nature-based solution will create productive green infrastructure that not only helps improve living conditions and reduce vulnerability to climate change, but also provides measurable economic benefits to citizens and entrepreneurs in post-industrial urban districts.
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