HARMONIA provides tools to predict Climate Change effects

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The Problem
Urban areas are particularly vulnerable to the effects
of climate change. As the share of the world population
living in cities continues to increase, so will worsen
the impact on the climate and its detrimental effects on the wellbeing of citizens. This gravening situation calls for more resilient environments and urban development strategies.

Harmonia aims to unite all relevant stakeholders around
the issue of Climate Change

The HARMONIA platform will be user friendly and allow stakeholders to not only understand but also visualize the impact of CC across different environments.

This will enhance cities’ preparedness to respond to specific predictions, such as floods or dust storms, and protect their residents and assets.
Harmonia will leverage existing services and technologies to
A platform to help local policymakers and citizens understand the effects
of CC
Actionable data for smarter development strategies
Opportunities for business growth and urban sustainability
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