Get involved

Get involved

In HARMONIA, the 4 pilot cities below participate in a process of learning and capacity building. The project team has begun by initiating a local-level, multi-faceted consultation with these city authorities.

Are you a citizen or NGO and want to get involved?

Citizens are the end users of HARMONIA and considered a top priority in the development of the IRAP platform. The project will include citizens-based data and the point of view of local populations by making use of the community-based environmental monitoring and information tool, “Citizens as observatories”.

This participation will be user friendly and encouraged through the use of smartphones and personal devices. Stay tuned for more info!

Are you an academic body or industry and want to get involved?

HARMONIA not only offers tools for scientific communities, but also to a whole range of stakeholders including industry and commercial actors. Companies and research bodies with a clear interest in a specific intelligent service (e.g. on demand forecasts), information stream (e.g. historical analysis) and/or data (e.g. weather data) are encouraged to share their requirements on what they would like to see on the platform.

A dedicated questionnaire will be prepared to ensure the HARMONIA platform supports their undertakings. Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities!