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Get involved

In HARMONIA, the 4 pilot cities participated in a process of learning and capacity building. The project team developed a local-level, multi-faceted consultation with the city authorities.

HARMONIA CAO workshops

Each Pilot City organised their workshops with the support of the Harmonia partner URBASOFIA that developed a guidebook defining a strategy (method practices and agenda) to organise the activities at the local level for 3 types of groups (children, students, and adults). The communication partner EARSC also supported the pilot cities in the organisation of their local events guiding partners in the presentation of Harmonia.

  • Sofia organized 2 workshops: one with the municipality employees (28 persons) led by Sofia Municipality (Krasimir Dimitrov & Stefan Georgiev), and one with a school (40 pupils), led by Stefan Georgiev (Sofia Municipality) and Atanas Krastanov (ASDE expert).

  • Piraeus organized 2 workshops in different schools of the municipality (approx. 15 students) and 1 workshop with the teachers (12 people).

  • Milan organized 2 workshops with 2 groups of adults (approx. 15p.) led by Silvia Rossi (from the municipality) and Maria-Stella Lux from Polimi.

Are you a citizen/NGO/academic body or industry and want to get involved?

Citizens are the end users of HARMONIA and considered a top priority in the development of the IRAP platform. The project includes citizens-based data and the point of view of local populations by making use of the community-based environmental monitoring and information tool, “Citizens as observatories”. HARMONIA not only offers tools for scientific communities, but also to a whole range of stakeholders including industry and commercial actors. Companies and research bodies with a clear interest in a specific intelligent service (e.g. on demand forecasts), information stream (e.g. historical analysis) and/or data (e.g. weather data) are encouraged to share their requirements on what they would like to see on the platform.

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